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Breaking News / Cryptocoins

Ontology Powers Up Once Again

Last week, we spotted a bit of a trend in Ontology, it kept climbing in value against all odds in a fashion that seemed to continue throughout the start of April.

Between the 1st and 3rd of the month, we saw a steady maintenance in the value of Ontology, coming in at an average of around $2 frequently. As the Easter weekend fell behind us, Ontology showed some signs of a significant growth once more, pushing the $3 mark on the 6th of April in what seems to be a stunning display of confidence.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, currency that is performing well in these climates really does stand out as something able to go against the Bitcoin grain that mostly moderates todays markets.

At the time of writing this, Ontology has hit a slight decline, reaching around $2.70 but ultimately, I don’t see this as the start of a major drop, an undoing of the past week of added value, I imagine it is just a small blip.

I’m not saying that we expect Ontology to sky rocket here but a steady maintenance in the area of $3 is a really healthy break for a currency that was only just balancing over $1 in March.

As I have mentioned, after the March slump, Ontology has managed to steadily creep up, with no signs of letting go so perhaps a boom could be imminent, who knows?

What’s happening with Ontology at the moment?

Well the Ontology Network have recently taken steps to appear on GitHub, and have recently announced a venture capital cooperation through which they aim to generate a superior, next generation chain network.

The development of this and the work for open source development via GitHub paves a great future for Ontology and has perhaps influenced its positive outlook of late. Ontology Network’s integration within GitHub provides a new platform for enhancement and interaction, giving new people a chance to get involved in its operation, further increasing the likelihood of dramatic gains occurring within the value of Ontology.

Once again, this currency is proving resilient in the market and still stands as one to watch. When an opportunity for safe and adequate investment presents itself, I expect a significant amount of people to get behind this one, if indeed the performance of Ontology still continues to shine in the coming weeks.

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