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TRON (TRX) Grows In Potential With Changelly Access

TRX is one of the promising up and coming virtual assets, however until now, it couldn’t be obtained through simple means if you didn’t have an exchange account. One of the easiest ways to exchange cryptocoins is through the service that Changelly provides and now it has finally added TRON to its collection. It’s worth mentioning that you can buy TRX outright with a Master or a Visa. Changelly charges more money compared to the exchanges but places and preforms the trade on behalf of the user which then sends the coins. With TRX being added less than a week after most of the leading exchanges had completed the token swaps and a new virtual asset had been released, it is now possible for Changelly to move the coins and send them into the wallet of the user. In the past few days, TRON has go...

XRP Is Digital Fiat, Not Real Cryptocurrency

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) soon have to make a vital decision on whether digital tokens should be classed as securities. Owners of virtual investment firms are laying into one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market, XRP – saying it is really just a digital fiat. This criticism is mainly focused on the role of centralised nature of the popular digital currencies tokens distribution model plays in it’s eventual classification. With an intention of monetary gain, the collective pooling of investments is central to the definition of a security. In fact, the SEC is already saying that initial coin offerings fit to that description. As such, initial coin offerings are already quite strict on regulations. So much so that in the US it’s close to non-existence. The SEC h...

Ethereum (ETH) May Find A Bottom Next Month

Ethereum (ETH) is still in a strong downtrend. The price has failed even to get past the 50 EMA since June as can be seen in the chart for ETH/USD above. The EMA alignment is strongly bullish and the RSI signals more downside to come in the days ahead.  The RSI has just fallen below its EMA which means the price is likely to pullback sharply in the near future. Since the beginning of this correction, Ethereum (ETH) has completed two successful cycles of upwards and downwards movement within the wedge it is trading in. The price touched the bottom of this wedge in December 2017 and then touched the top of this wedge around January 2018. Since then, the price has corrected all the way to the bottom of the wedge, touching the support line around April this year. Afterwards, it shot up within ...

Bitcoin (BTC) Will Plummet According To Peter Schiff

If you would prefer to watch this article, please click here Renowned sceptic of Bitcoin, Peter Schiff has, once again, brought up his point regarding ‘cryptocurrencies are bunk’ back to the light. Schiff appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast for the third time to attempt to reiterate his point and say mostly negative things about virtual currencies such as how he believes the price of Bitcoin will evidently crash and sink below $1,000. Schiff also mentioned that the debate he had with the, Eric Voorhees (CEO of Shapeshift) was ‘rigged’. Schiff vs. Voorhees So, let’s quickly go through that debate Schiff had with Voorhees. When Schiff went on the podcast but a few days ago, they ended up talking about his debate with Voorhees. It’s no surprise Schiff keeps coming back on to the show...

Huobi Partners Will Have The Ability To Develop Digital Asset Exchanges Rapidly

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi which is in Singapore launched its Cloud businessarm, which will allow associates to develop digital asset exchanges rapidly. Huobi Cloud depends on Huobi’s existing exchange platforms to offer solutions of putting together over-the-counter (OTC) exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges for partners who have little to no IT abilties. It has greater than ten multi-national firms including International Finance Corp.  iIts initial associates for its arm. The partners can share the Huobi Global platform’s order integration system, wallet system, asset management and clearing system, while also get into Huobi Global’s depth, liquidity, and market data. In late June, Huobi had signed a partnership with Chinese blockchain company Jingdong Cloud (JD C...

Bitcoin (BTC) ETF FOMO Likely To Suppress Upcoming Altcoin Rally

Bitcoin (BTC) may not be as strong as the crypto community seems to believe. The recent ETF FOMO has certainly convinced many that the correction is over and Bitcoin (BTC) is ready to take off. However the fact remains that the BTC/USD chart above is anything but bullish. The price action looks weak and Bitcoin (BTC) is resisting a pullback but it cannot hold on for long. Wave trend seems to have run into a resistance on the daily chart for Bitcoin/US Dollar and the Inverse Fischer Transform Stochastic signals a big pullback in the near future. While it may seem like a regular pullback with no extraordinary consequences, the reality is quite different. Ever since rumors of a Bitcoin (BTC) ETF, the altcoin rally has shown signs of weakness. These signs turned into reality when a Bitcoin (BT...

The Future Of Cardano

The team at Cardano are desiring to see success in 2018. Their goals include the rollout of a system for smart contracts which could potentially represent multiple improvements for the Ethereum blockchain and if it proves to be successful this could be huge. Charles Hoskinson, a former Ethereum developer and high up in the ranks of the company isn’t afraid to talk about touting the supposed superiority of Ouroboros. In April, Hoskinson said that Proof-of-Stake has been “solved”. Cardano is hopeful that there will be vital improvements over Ethereum both in terms of the consensus protocol and a smart contract platform which will hopefully be enough to surpass Ethereum’s position as the top application platform. There are many other platforms which are trying to do the same however, Cardano ...

Here’s Why Bitcoin Will Grow SUBSTANTIALLY Into 2019

It seems like the string of bad news surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is slowly coming to and end revealing a light at the end of the tunnel for the market. Over the past week, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies prices have been up relatively high, especially when you compare them to other recent prices. Despite the obvious boom for the market last December and then a substantial fall as we entered the new year which continued into February. Some analysts looking at the current boom in the market believe that there are a few reasons for this. Alternate cryptocurrencies are achieving more independence from Bitcoin and its fluctuations in price. Recently, we’ve seen many other cryptocurrencies slightly deviate from what Bitcoin dictates in the market. When we see Bitcoin jump i...

Short Sellers Suffer With Bitcoin (BTC) Price Hike

As most of you will know, Bitcoin has surged past the $7,000 mark having slumming in the bear market for quite some time. After the bull run hit, the coin rose up by more than 10% and the total market cap jumped by $20 million. Despite the whole community jumping in glory at the news, the short sellers were left weeping in the corner after the upward trend has led to a loss of $180 million short positions. One of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe, BitMex provides a somewhat bit of leverage for the short sellers. Short sellers can have a minimum of 10x leverage on the platform, if short sellers don’t profit they only lose out on 10% of the margin. On the other hand, long sellers are on the same level as regular investors. This is because when the value of cryptocurrencie...

Binance And Neufund Create First Decentralized Stock Exchange

The Malta Stock Exchange has collaborated up with some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the masses. In a partnership with Neufund and Binance, it plans to design the very first decentralised global stock exchange based on the blockchain technology. Based in Berlin, the equity fundraising platform has big plans for its partnership with Binance. The aim for the exchange is the allow businesses in the EU to design tokenised securities dubbed Equity Token Offerings. This will allow them to utilise the blockchain to raise funds from customers completely legal. With the pilot intending to launch this year, the CEO of CapLinked, Eric M. Jackson had this to say: “The blockchain holds enormous potential for the issuance of securities. Tokenised securities provide improved transactional ef...

EOS & Ethereum On Top In China’s New Crypto Ratings

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China has just revealed its third official cryptocurrency ratings index. In June, NEO, Stellar, Lisk and Nebulas were at the bottom with Ethereum and EOS on top. This month, EOS and Ethereum maintain their position but with Ripple, Stellar and NEO slightly dipping. The number one digital currency, Bitcoin is holding onto the number 16 position on the ratings index. Here is a look at the top 16 on the index. Each of the scores is based on the underlying technology of each coin as well as the innovation, application and technology that goes into it. At the time of writing, the current market position of Ethereum is placed just below Bitcoin and is worth around $48 billion. The individual price of ETH is just below $474 with an increase r...

IMF Bullish On Ripple XRP

Cryptocurrencies, financial intermediation and AI is slowly working its way into our everyday lives. Some more-so than others. This is done through your wallets, smartphones and the financial systems that we all use. Many people believe that this is just beginning of these three things getting more adapted into our everyday lives. Some people think that these innovations will speed and escalate to a mainstream appeal within the next few years. Cryptocurrencies As many people accept, cryptocurrencies are on a different level to PayPal and other traditional payment methods. They differ because they are on there on their own unit of account and payment systems. These systems allow for peer to peer transactions without central banks and central clearing houses. However, CEO of IMF, Christine L...