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TopICO List Review

Top ICO List Logo Small

Top ICO List - Website Reviewed

Topicolist.com is a standout website if you are looking for the newest ICO’s and all the important information that comes with them. The list is updated regularly, so you can easily find the best ICO’s. The website is very easy to use, and splits the ICO’s into different sectors, such as Active ICO’s, Pre ICO’s, upcoming ICO’s, past ICO’s and Airdrops.

We are offering a frank and honest review of this website, giving you the pros and the cons to help our customers make the best and most informed decisions when it comes to investing in ICO’s; a notoriously risky business.

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit of the website, and that is that it gives you a detailed and thorough list of the top ICO’s that are in circulation at the moment. Knowing which ICO’s are available can take time to research, and knowing which ones to invest in is even harder. Whilst topicolist.com is very quick to point out that they do not offer financial or investment advice, the site itself is incredibly informative and well laid out, so you know exactly what it is you are looking into.

The site is very easy to use as well. You know exactly where you are with it, so you can easily find what you are looking for, whether it is an active ICO or one that is due to be released later on. One of the really great features on this site, is that the end date is clearly printed by the name of the ICO, so you can see exactly when it is due to end. Along with this, comes a snippet of information regarding the different ICO’s. This is brilliant if you are unsure of what it is you are looking for, as it allows you to get some quick facts about it to find the best one for you, that you can then click on to discover more information regarding the ICO. If you are trying to find specific information regarding one ICO, you can use the clearly identified search box, which makes your search much quicker than having to trawl through lots of different ICO’s.

The website knows what it is talking about, and unlike other similar sites, they have a full time ICO analyst, who curates ICO’s and writes objective reviews of pros and cons. Although these reviews don’t appear to be done for each ICO yet, probably because it’s a new addition. When  you are considering investing in an ICO, you do not want a site that only lists the pros – you want to know the risks that you are exposing yourself to, and this site does just that; something that we think is really great, and makes them stand out over other comparison sites.

We briefly touched on this at the beginning, but one of the side menu options is a pre ICO list. There is no other sites that have this, which makes topicolist.com really stand out from the crowd. This means that customers who visit this site over others have an advantage, as they will have detailed information about any upcoming ICO’s and mean that they can snatch the best bonuses. As well as a pre ICO list, they also have an airdrop list, which lists all of the free cryptocurrencies that are involved in quality products. For such a simple concept, they have added so much information and a huge list of ICO’s, without it getting confusing to navigate.

At CryptoDaily, we really feel that this site has a huge amount of information, and will help potential investors who are specifically interested in ICO’s. Whilst it is a niche market within the cryptocurrency world, and often a controversial one, there is enough backing of initial coin offerings for this to be a success.

It should be pointed out though that it is irresponsible as an investor to trust one source exclusively, and whilst this is a great starting platform, it is so important that you carry out your own research as well, so you are making well informed choices.

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